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QBCC Lic No. 15200303

Pallet Racking

Brisbane & Bundaberg

Our team has been designing, supplying and installing pallet racking and other warehouse storage systems to businesses throughout Brisbane, Bundaberg and all other parts of Queensland for 10+ years.

We are not aligned directly with a particular pallet racking supplier and design our storage systems based on your requirements, not on what we have in stock. We consider lead time, pricing, warranty and various other elements before presenting our clients with the options available.

Our team consists of an experienced Auto-cad designer and estimator, project & operations manager along with three in house pallet racking installers. We do not subcontract our installation and will support you and your business for the entire project, start to finish.

We have sales staff located in Brisbane and Bundaberg, ensuring we can look after businesses between Coffs Harbour and Mackay and anywhere west within a few days.

Mine site work is no problem and we are licenced accordingly for most Queensland mine sites and can obtain any further licences as required.

We travel Australia wide and can often be found as far north as Cairns and across in Darwin.


Selective racking is only one pallet deep, with two racks in total able to be placed back-to-back.

Pallet Access (FIFO)

Selective pallet racking provides direct access to every pallet in storage, resulting in a First-In, First-Out (FIFO) process, where the stock added first is also removed first. This enhances the flow of your storage space and keeps pallets accessible when new stock comes in. FIFO ensures that perishable or short-self SKUs can be turned over effectively. For low turnover volume and high differentiation product lines, this type of racking is a must. 

Aisle Width

Aisle width is a major factor for racking storage capacity. Storage capacity can vary from anywhere between 35% to 75% depending on the type of pallet handling equipment chosen (also consider layout guidelines).

Narrow width aisles do not always necessarily mean lower storage cost. Narrow width aisles can result in slower handling times due to forklift mobility issues, ultimately outweighing the benefits associated with greater storage capacity. CPSQ can help you compare these costs before making a decision.


  • Access a range of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs)
  • First-In, First-Out (FIFO) inventory management
  • Most affordable type of racking (per m2)
  • Increased accessibility (more than one truck in the same aisle)
  • No special truck requirements
  • Lower pallet handling costs
  • Floor level is not critical (front-loaded)


  • Requires a large amount of warehouse space to store a high volume of stock
  • High storage cost for so much stock
  • Increased loading and unloading times of limited product or stock, as the same stock would need to be placed on different rack heights/widths
  • Poorly suited for high volume applications with limited SKUs
  • Limited storage height (12m)


Pallet Racking Systems require auditing every 12 months as per the Australian Standard AS4084-2012. CPSQ offers an auditing service that can ensure compliance to this standard. We come to your warehouse, review all of your pallet racking and provide a formal assessment and set of drawings. Not only will you receive a detailed audit, but also a set of autocad drawings and inventory of your storage systems to ensure the next years audit is easier and if additional parts are required, we know what we are working with.

Installation & Warehouse Relocation

Our team can provide a full warehouse racking relocation service – We will come to your warehouse, assess all of your pallet racking and come up with a plan of attack. Then we will design the system to fit into your new warehouse. When the time is right, we will dismantle everything, strap it all up and transport it to your new site. We will then install all of the pallet racking and ensure it is all compliant. If additions or replacement parts are required, we will take care of this all for you.

  • Counterbalance forklift (wide aisles for low volumes)

    • Aisle widths: 3.8 to 5.5m
    • Storage area: 35%
    • Lift height: up to 8m

    Reach Truck (narrow aisles for medium to high volumes)

    • Aisle widths: 2.8 to 3.2m
    • Storage area: 45%
    • Lift height: up to 10.5m

    Articulated Forklifts (very narrow aisle for high volumes)

    • Aisle widths: 1.8-2.2m
    • Storage area: 60%
    • Lift height: up to 12m

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