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QBCC Lic No. 15200303

Sliding Gates

Brisbane & Bundaberg

Sliding gates where the space is available, are ideal for Commercial applications, as they slide behind the fence and don’t obstruct Vehicle turning paths.

Sliding Gates are generally constructed of Steel or Aluminium with Finishes including Mill Finish, Hot Dip Galvanized (Steel) and Powder Coated. The construction and finish are dependent on the site and application of the Gate.

There are Two (2) main types of Sliding gates being the Conventional type that runs along a Track on the ground and Cantilevered which use a Trolley/Roller system allowing the gate to run along above the surface. Cantilevered Gates are ideal where driveways are undulating, of where the risk of Forklifts etc will damage the ground mounted Track.

CPQS can provide you with the best solution for any site and have it constructed and installed.
Sliding Gate Operators vary from Low Use to high Intensive use and light weight to Heavy Sliding gates.

CPSQ offers the very best quality Sliding Gate Operators which are tailored to suit your site and application.

CPSQ also offers protection system technology, which reverse the gates if an obstacle is detected in the closing path, and access control options including remote controls, keypads, GSM, and through to Complex Access Systems.

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