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QBCC Lic No. 15200303

Static Bollards

Brisbane & Bundaberg

Static bollards with solar-powered lights are primarily used to delineate and illuminate pedestrian areas such as walk ways in parks, along water ways, etc.

Being solar-powered, they use the energy from the sun to charge the inbuilt battery during the day with the energy then used to power the light come night fall. The batteries have a 10 year service life with a seven (7) year warranty.

They are constructed of high-quality aluminium which will last up to 20 years and are vandal resistant making them ideal for outdoor applications.

Static security bollards come in many shapes and sizes and are primarily used to protect areas from vehicle intrusion.

The three types of bollards include surface-mounted, in-ground, and removable placement; they also come in powder-coated steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, and even timber.

The bollard construction and size will be dependent on the application and level of security required.

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