Mezzanine Floors 4065 Jubilee

Our team specialises in the design, supply and installation of Mezzanine Floors throughout Queensland and have staff in Brisbane and Bundaberg.

Primarily we work with Rack Supported raised Storage Areas for a variety of reasons:

  • Easy to install which brings cost down
  • Readily available parts reducing lead time
  • Pre engineered with minimal approvals required
  • Can be relocated or added to with ease

We also design and install more traditional type Mezzanine Floors that are made up of purlins, posts and UB or PFC beams. This style of Mezzanine is more expensive, however can have wider spans if required and depending on the location, can be more aesthetically pleasing. It comes down to the specific project requirement, that we assess on a case to case basis.

A big focus on our Mezzanine Floor projects is the access systems associated with the design. We provide Mezzanine Access gates in either sliding or up and over styles which can be operated manually or alternatively we can automate them, which adds to safety and reduces the time taken going up on the floor to open and shut the gates. Refer to our Mezzanine Gate section for more information.

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We’re dedicated to excellence, precision, and high-quality. We pride ourselves on our work and do whatever it takes to get the job done. We guarantee:

  • Leading customer service
  • Expert advice
  • Autocad designs provided in house
  • Access to various suppliers and systems
  • Installation service provided in house
  • AS4084-2012 Compliance